Badger GP

Badger GP is the original product of Badger Motorsport, established in 2008 to deliver light-hearted, entertaining and informative articles all around the goings on in Formula 1. Backed up by a wealth of content around the history of the sport, researched and produced by knowledgeable fans of the sport.

Badger GP serves over a million pages a year to hundreds of thousands of fans looking for something more than the standard press coverage. Contributors to Badger GP have gone on to work with the BBC, Vice, Channel 4 F1, Autosport, Whisper Films and more. It’s effectively the Jordan Grand Prix of website about Formula 1.

With a social reach of over 25,000 with have an engaged and active online audience. Our Grand Prix weekend commentary via Twitter has lead the way for other media providers and set a benchmark for witty, informative and alternative coverage of the race weekends.